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Boiling Crabs:

Many people boil crabs. Small crabs need to be placed into boiling water for approximately 15 minutes. 
A large crab, 2 pounds. or greater, should boil about 18 minutes. Be sure to place salt in the water and bring the water to a boil. Place the crabs into the boiling water, and allow the water to come back to a slow boil. It is from this moment that you need to keep track of the time for cooking. Upon the completion of cooking time, remove the boiled crabs and place into a slush ice. This procedure stops the cooking process and also makes the meat more easy to remove from the shell.

Steaming Crabs:
To steam crabs, you need to put water into the pot, about 2 inches in depth. Next place the crab into the pot and cover, allow these to steam for about 20 minutes. Again, place into a slush of ice to stop the cooking process. 

Note: Some people like to eat the crab slightly warm.

Cooking Your Dungeness Crab

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